John Vicino is an enchanting and memorable gift to tourists winding down their San Francisco holiday. As 2011 comes to a close, all the streets are wet and the skies are gray, but that only enhances the atmosphere as one soaks up the soothing sounds of this compelling musician — especially against a backdrop of European streetcars.

Vicino’s genre is “Acoustic and Beyond” according to his Facebook page, and he’s gaining quite a following through social media. Vicino posts his YouTube channel and even his gmail for anyone to jot down as they drop a dollar into his guitar case. He enjoys the camera and it’s amazing the attention and publicity he generates from passers-by with a camcorder or iPhone capturing clips and posting his music online. Here’s to a self-made success story in the making and my good fortune to see John Vicino perform at the onset of what is destined to be a brilliant career.

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