As Actor and Activist Peter Coyote enters his seventh decade, he looks back on the movements of the 60’s and the impact made by groups like “The Diggers” of which he was a integral part.  During the Summer of Love, they stood for social, cultural and political change — only some of that was truly realized.  Coyote admits he won’t live long enough to see the world he once imagined, but he’s proud of the footprint he made and the brothers and sisters he partnered with along the way.

Coyote spoke at the opening of — Black Power Flower Power – Photographs by Pirkle Jones and Ruth-Marion Baruch — at the Harvey Milk Photo Center.  The images, on display until March 23rd, are a definitive documentary of two movements that changed the fabric of this country.  Coyote’s words are poignant, moving and inspirational, and as he says, “The legacy is still alive because young people from today want to know how we dealt with the problems of yesterday.”

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By:  Diane Harrigan
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