The Magic of Kate Kilbane

Less than 5 years ago, an up and coming New York Theater Director named Kate Kilbane picked up a bass guitar for the first time.  A new man in her life felt it  just might be her instrument.  The move struck a chord that would send her in a new direction.

Nearly 3,000 miles from her musical discovery, she now leads a band that bears her name and a wondrous rock journey has begun. Only four months into playing live gigs, Kilbane’s group recently cut their debut CD.  With two vocalists, a drummer and her husband on keyboard (the same man with the instrumental insight), Kate Kilbane delivers a raw, passionate sound that’s gritty and seductive.

The lyrics are heavily influenced by Kate’s theatrical background.  Her ‘rock opera’ is made up of 12 tunes which tell the story of the Greek mythological figure Medea.  With a hint of tragedy and drama, the music is drawing audiences throughout the Bay area. I crossed their path at an outdoor celebration this summer and asked Kate if I could be a fly on the wall at rehearsal.   She graciously allowed me a behind-the-scenes view as they prepared for an upcoming performance at the Starry Plough in Berkeley.

Kate Kilbane says she re-invented herself at 20-something… and never looked back. She always knew she loved the stage, but never dreamed she’d be standing in the center of it herself — belting out original tunes and strumming a bass guitar.

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