Flying Furniture – Fans Seek Meaning in SOMA Art Site

A remarkable display of 60’s-style furniture adhered to the outside of the abandoned Hugo Hotel in the SOMA district could stick around longer than expected.  The hotel was slated to soon be replaced by affordable housing — but proposed state budget cuts could delay plans.  The redevelopment project is now in jeopardy according to SF redevelopment director Fred Blackwell as quoted in SFGate.

Defenestration” is a four-story work of art that has sat at the corner of 6th and Howard for going on 14 years.  The “Furniture Building” — as it’s also referred — is the brilliance of artist Brian Goggin.  His work still attracts fans worldwide.  And as I found out speaking with locals and tourists alike, the search to find deeper meaning still runs strong.

One thought on “Flying Furniture – Fans Seek Meaning in SOMA Art Site

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