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Hello and welcome to Postcards from SF!  My visual journey in San Francisco presented via this blog is five years strong in 2015.  Here I share stories of some of the fascinating people I meet in and around the Bay area.  This is all original content shot with a Canon 60D DSLR, Canon VIXIA HV30 and HV40 HD camcorder (and sometimes a Flip and iPhone 5).  I have been been blessed to live in this amazing metropolis going on 10 years come this September.  This past year I found myself wrapped in many projects and I didn’t post as often as I would have liked — but in 2015 I’m committed to presenting more stories on a consistent basis.  San Francisco is a magical place – and this is my sanctuary.  Diane Harrigan

2 thoughts on “About the author

  1. Hi, I learned about your blog on the UBM wiki (soon to be Hub). The Bay Area is the home of my heart, so I look forward to reading about your adventures here. Randi (pink scarf with the fancy Scottish knot – thanks to you)

  2. We enjoyed meeting you on the Jeremiah O’Brien Sunday, May 20. My husband sure had a great time telling stories from his Navy years. I’ve subscribed to your RSS feed. You sure do have a lot of great stories here on your website! Alicia Knadler
    PS – My husband’s real name is Abner, we all call him Joe, but back on board the USS Iowa 1942-44, he was one of the Dogs of E Division.

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