Times Square Nurse and the Spirit of ’45 in San Francisco

It’s the kiss that’s lasted 66 years.  In the words of the late Edith Shain who claimed to be the nurse at Broadway and 45th — the photo embodies “hope, love, peace and tomorrow”.   A 6-foot statue of that iconic image is now on tour and inspired many an embrace during a visit to the Wharf.   The sculpture of the famous Times Square Kiss arrived in San Francisco to a waiting audience.  Scores of couples grabbed the chance to try and match the famous dip and smooch.  The S.S. Jeremiah O’Brien and the USS Pampanito jointly sponsored the viewing of the beautiful artwork. It’s one of many events to draw support around the Keep the Spirit of ’45 Alive campaign. The day to celebrate our greatest generation is Sunday, August 14, 2011.

The piece by Seward Johnson that is traveling the country is a depiction of the famous black and white photograph taken by Alfred Eisenstadt of a young nurse being kissed by an unknown sailor in Times Square on the day America learned the war had ended.  And where better to put the work on display than down at Pier 45 beside the WWII Liberty Ship.  A vessel I learned has a special Hollywood claim to fame that came about long after the war ended.

One thought on “Times Square Nurse and the Spirit of ’45 in San Francisco

  1. Oh Diane,
    That was such a beautiful post. I’ve been on the Jeremiah O’Brien a handful of times and enjoy it immensely each time.
    My grandfather worked at Marinship in Sausalito during the war and helped build Liberty Ships, although the O’Brien was built on the east coast.
    But what a kick — the Times Square Kiss statues — that’s completely outrageous! Did you get to try it out while you were there? I haven’t seen it yet but I bet I will soon. A kick in the head. Some ambitious photographer could try to cash in on the prop, but I suppose the O’brien folks have rules about commercializing their display.
    Anyway, now I want to go see the O’Brien again — I’ve never been on the Pampanito for some reason… And hey, you can see a few of my blog posts on the O’Brien if you type O’Brien in the search box at the top of my blog.
    All the best to you, Diane. And P.S.: I still need to get your copy of my book to you. Can you email me your address? Or I can get it to you some other time if you can wait. I want to come over and visit our friend M one of these Thursdays.
    Anyway, sorry for ranting on here — I’m getting carried away.
    Best regards, Don

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