The Alluring Shades of Lagunitas Creek

Donald Kinney uncovers the timeless splendor of this majestic body of water one ripple at a time.  He has spent years studying Lagunitas Creek in West Marin from just about every angle — yet each time he returns, a new luminous pattern emerges right before his lens.

Multiple elements have to align in order for Donald Kinney to work his magic. It has to be a certain time of day, the sun has to shine just right, the morning mist has to dance above the water at the perfect level — but when it all comes together, he can capture a photo to touch your soul.

Well known for his popular blog, “A Photo a Day“, Kinney is known for being a visual genius and finding the hidden inspiration in anything from a hubcap to an old Camel cigarette billboard above an abandoned barn.  But it’s Lagunitas Creek that he calls his speciality.  He has now published a book around his visual masterpiece.

I had the good honor of meeting him through my neighbor and author of the well-followed “Civic Center” blog Mike Strickland.  Donald Kinney allowed me to follow him one magical morning and record as he pulled back the curtain on what he so fondly refers to as “groovy water”.

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