BAADS is just too cool a name and their signature Pirate logo hat is a must have in San Francisco.   BAADS stands for the Bay Area Association of Disabled Sailors.  When I first discovered this amazing organization and their mission, I couldn’t wait to come out with a video camera.  The Saturday Dinghy program in McCovey Cove brings joy to so many.  On Sunday, the larger keelboats come out for an afternoon of fun and adventure against a scenic Bay Area backdrop.  Water is “the great equalizer” I learned; allowing those with disabilities the opportunity to even ‘fly solo’ if they wish.  With the sun on your face, the wind at your back, and a boat specially configured to accommodate those with special needs, sailors can maneuver controls any number of ways.  One remarkable woman makes her way across the waves with just her chin by using a joystick.  Cristina Rubke is an attorney who sees no limitations.  She is a true inspiration.  Money is needed to keep this program alive and thriving though – and the current task at hand is raising funds in a tough economy.  The program is completely supported by donations.

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