Rail Journey to Seven Secret Dance Destinations

Nature, wildlife and rails are the backdrop and inspiration behind an amazing dance journey down San Francisco’s backroads. “Trolley Dances” is a mix of artful performances designed to both delight and inspire.  San Francisco’s MUNI escorts the curious down hidden paths into a mystical musical awakening.  There’s even a political statement or two along the way putting this event ‘on track’ for San Francisco. From the Castro to the Sunset to Golden Gate Park, one is touched by tradition and mesmerized by modern dance, magical masks and exotic movement.  On this day, the rain only enhanced the experience with glistening pavement.  Performers include the Sunset Chinese Folk Dance Group, Joe Goode Performance Group, Christine Bonansea 2X3 Project, Phaedra Ana Jones, Sara Shelton Mann/Performance, Ensohza Minyoshu, and Epiphany Productions.

For more on open-air dancing, see the Bay Area Argentine Tango post on Dancers in the Square

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