Easter in San Francisco

San Francisco started off in full bloom this Easter Sunday – and from what I captured before 10:30am – you never would have known it was a day that turned to rain.  I started off in Huntington Park at the top of Nob Hill, captivated as always by the Fountain of the Tortoises.  Across the street Grace Cathedral  — draped in colorful cloth — was breathtaking.

Fisherman’s Wharf was business as usual as shops opened their doors early to cater to tourists.  Aquatic Park was filled with swimmers out for a brisk dip.  Nearby, the first cable car filled up fast bringing a particular sense of joy to two men from Germany.

In the Fillmore, it seemed as if every restaurant and coffee shop was serving a meal.  Duboce Circle was colorful and vibrant.  The owners of the flower stand at Noe and Market couldn’t wrap stunning bouquets of lilies, roses and tulips fast enough.

I didn’t get to see the runners, or the “big wheel” race down Lombard, or the egg hunt in Dolores Park, but it was great to beat the rain and feel some early flavor of the city this holiday!


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