Sunday Streets – Even a hit in a downpour

One thing you have to love about San Francisco – we’re a people of hearty stock!  No downpour can put a damper on festivities here.  Case in point:  Sunday Streets.  On select weekends, the barricades go up at the end of a certain block and the cars take a detour so walkers and the strollers can reign – even in the rain.  On this day, it was Great Highway – the first time the event ever got hit with a wicked dose of Mother Nature.  Of all locations, it happened on the Sunday the city opened up the path bordering the Pacific Ocean!  It doesn’t get any colder or windier than that.  But given the smiles and carefree attitude that permeated, you’d never know the weather didn’t cooperate.

Even the Chihauha meetup group carried on without a hitch.  Of course all of this coincided with World Health Day 2010 – 1,000 Cities, 1,000 Lives – part of car-free events to encourage walking, biking and physical activity.  So here’s to Hula-Hoops, Spring rain, and the San Francisco spirit of carrying on!

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