Standing up for the right to sit down in San Francisco

Opposition to the proposed sit/lie ordinance is gaining new momentum as a second city-wide wave of demonstrations swept through San Francisco.  I made it a “green” day and took the bus to the Mission, the subway to the Castro, hoofed it to the Haight, and then continued to rely on Muni to reach the Tenderloin to capture this video.  Throughout my journey, I met people highly passionate about what they feel is a violation of their civil rights.  Should San Franciscans be told they can’t sit or lie on the sidewalks?  From Day Laborers to Artists, many claim to have good reason to position themselves along the pavement.  Mayor Gavin Newsom reportedly saw some drug users in the Haight which took him by surprise, leading him to introduce what has become a highly controversial measure.  It’s now a debate that’s going to the voters in the November 2nd election.

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