Hands Across the Sand – San Francisco

It was a show of unity from sea to shining sea.  Hands Across the Sand is a global message where people in coastal communities held hands along the ocean to voice their opposition to so much dependence on oil and ‘yes’ to clean energy.  All of this of course comes in the wake of the BP disaster and the horrific images seen on the nightly news.  San Francisco isn’t your average coastal community though in the summertime.  It’s cold, foggy and less than benign at the beach in June – still hundreds turned out to stand together.  I met an 87 year old gentleman who received a flyer in the door and couldn’t refuse the opportunity to be a part of this historic moment.  The organizer is a San Francisco taxi driver who spent $3,000 of his own money to get the community together.  He was already working on a ‘no drilling’ demonstration, so he merged his event with what was planned globally.  At a time when so many feel helpless watching video of barrels of oil gushing from of the bottom of the ocean, this was a chance to stand strong as one voice.

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