Blazing a Path of Latin Jazz in San Francisco

JazzSabor is a labor of love.  A group of seasoned Bay Area musicians are performing in propulsive rhythm to a hot genre of Latin jazz.  Some of these artists once shared the stage with legendary drummers and bandleaders.  Today their talent takes on new dimension as they deliver a unique blend of Latin dance music.  Among the members of the group is Sam Austin, who occasionally plays his horns near the Civic Center BART station to appreciative fans.

His enthusiasm about this latest venture drew me to tag along to a couple of rehearsals earlier this year.  I was completely captivated by the group’s spirit, energy and discipline. JazzSabor is a diverse ensemble of performers who share a passion for Latin music with funk and soul.  I shot this as they were preparing to cut a demo CD.  Now JazzSabor is performing across the Bay Area and have an upcoming gig in Redwood City on May 27th at Angelica’s Bell Theatre & Bistro.  They are on on fire and having the time of their lives taking already successful musical careers to the next level.

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