Preserving their Stories – USS San Francisco (CA-38)

This past year, we lost seven men who served on the USS San Francisco.  We feel the loss of our greatest generation while attending events such as the annual Memorial Day ceremony at the USS San Francisco monument in Lands End. Thanks to historians like James Hornfischer, author of “Neptune’s Inferno”, who spoke this year, their memories can remain with us forever.  The USS San Francisco Memorial Foundation’s website is also home to a rich and growing archive of the stories of the men.

This is my third year attending the ceremonies.  Each time I come away with a deeper appreciation of the sacrifices made by those who served in World War II.  The Naval Battle of Guadalcanal was a pivotal moment for the USS San Francisco.  We’re reminded of the bravery of those who served on board this famous heavy cruiser at this annual gathering.  The USS San Francisco ceremony is is dedicated to those killed in action during the Naval Battle of Guadalcanal and to all served during the 17 major battles the cruiser participated in during WWII.

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