T2- Global, Social, Sustainable

Layovers just turned luxurious at SFO with the soon-to-be open Terminal 2. A brilliant open house this weekend showcased fabulous affordable food (something rarely found in an airport), a unique shopping experience, superbly sustainable surroundings, and innovative entertainment stops — including ones for tots. It was a look into the past and a door to the future as Virgin Galactic joined in the toast to the evolution of flight. Take a glimpse into the six figure ride of the future. Admittance to the preview of T2 could be obtained by anyone online. But space ran out long before the big day.

Leveraging social media to the fullest, SFO promoted a photo safari; encouraging the public to carry cameras and shoot what they see as green, local, artistic, as well as their favorite view. The rules were to tweet your findings to be eligible to win a drawing to include free airfare. It’s rare to cruise a terminal this size without bumping into luggage carts or racing the clock to catch a flight.  The public was able to appreciate the beauty of an important space in their community.

And in the spirit of sustainability, I took the train (BART) to check out what is now the most modern airport terminal in the nation.

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