The Power of Music — Street People and Tourists unite in San Francisco

Music truly brings people together.  MJ’s Brass Boppers – a popular New Orleans-style brass band, takes to the street and everyone moves to the beat; following them on a beautiful journey down Market Street.  How fortunate am I to stumble on the scene with a Flip.  The popular brass band started out at Powell – wowing audiences with their sound.  It inspires one man to come forward and show off his dance moves to a crowd that just can’t get enough.

Fueled by the energy of onlookers, the band decided to march to Civic Center and people followed in droves! It was like something out of a film.  What made the day so brilliant is the joy in the faces of everyone touched by the musicians – from street people, to shop owners, to tourists alike as they danced together.  Music brings out the best in people.  Here’s a scene that warmed many hearts in San Francisco on a beautiful Saturday afternoon.

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