The Many Vibes of Pride in San Francisco

Pride is as much for social butterflies as it is for wallflowers. It’s an explosion of color with moments of provocative and daring draped in family values, faith and corporate responsibility.   The show begins with a sea of motorcycles and thousands upon thousands of roaring spectators.

There is that dash of flash, but it then evolves into what you might find in any American town from Akron to Missoula.  Local politicians, police and firefighters and the local sheriff all roll through.  Only here, same-sex couples — who happen to be cops in uniform — proudly hold hands, employers like Google and Facebook celebrate diversity with style, and children wave the pride flag; some in support of their two moms or two dads.

This year there were plenty of “I Love New York” signs and t-shirts in support of the passage of the gay marriage measure there. And you could feel the energy of the historic victory everywhere you turned.

This was San Francisco’s 41st annual Pride Parade and my first time standing in the crowd.  I found there is something for everyone and it really is an event that is rooted in laughter, love and total unity.

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