The Drama and the Draw of Occupy SF

The Occupy SF camp is like one big storefront window this holiday season.  There’s mixed reaction as to whether it’s helping or hurting retailers.  Demonstrators spent one of the busiest shopping days halting cable cars and busses down Market Street on two occasions for 20 minute stretches.  That irritated some to the point of public outbursts.

Meanwhile, campers remain in place along the Embarcadero resting on prime real estate — some openly smoking marijuana and defying authority at every turn.  Cops patrol the perimeter and city inspectors routinely check for health hazards.  But those close to the scene say it’s not unusual for tourists to request window seats at nearby upscale restaurants to catch the action.  Mayor Ed Lee says the tents can’t remain at the foot of Market; but no word on when the city will move in on Occupy SF.

Camp conditions aside, the overall “concept” of Occupy continues to draw huge interest.   I captured this video while hearing from fans and foes of the movement which came to a head on Black Friday.

One thought on “The Drama and the Draw of Occupy SF

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