On location with Artist Anthony Holdsworth — at The Golden Gate Bridge

Anthony Holdsworth is a well-known San Francisco/Oakland artist who’s been commissioned to take part in an exhibition celebrating the 75th anniversary of the Golden Gate Bridge. SFMOMA Gallery will present a collection of tributes to this iconic structure in May. I had the good fortune of catching up with him as he embarked on the second in a series of three paintings he’s putting together for the show. For Holdsworth, it’s about ‘catching the right wave’. He comes to the water’s edge at sunrise and right before sunset to capture the most brilliant light of the day. He shared with me a little of what goes into making his pieces truly unique during the creation of his latest masterpiece.

5 thoughts on “On location with Artist Anthony Holdsworth — at The Golden Gate Bridge

  1. Oh yes, I enjoyed that. And I suppose Anthony will be painting the mood of rain soon, hopefully.
    I worked in a retail art supply store for 15 years so I have an appreciation for artists Like Mr. Holdsworth here. Most are well behaved, like Anthony appears to be here–and others require a certain degree of tolerance. Never a dull moment, of course…
    Wonderfully documented, Diane. You are indeed an artist too!

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