Dolores Park Daydream

Dolores Park — one of the greatest people watching spots in San Francisco — has slowly been “loved to death” according to Parks and Rec.   This magnetic space is scheduled to undergo a multi-million dollar facelift starting this Fall with sections closed off to the public for a two-year span. An occasional celebrity site:  Mark Zuckenberg was reportedly caught on camera relaxing here recently; we know why the Facebook founder would choose this space to soak up the sun, recreation and spectacular views. Dolores Park is full of independent spirit and high energy set on a hilly landscape known for attracting political and cultural expression.

Mission Dolores is also the birthplace of San Francisco. The park itself is the actual site of the Native American Ohlone Village of Chutchui before Spanish Missionaries arrived. The park is named for Miguel Hidalgo (El Grito de Dolores), the father of Mexican independence.

In later years the park was a Jewish cemetery — until 1894. In 1906, Dolores Park also served as a refugee camp for nearly 2000 families who lost their homes in the earthquake.

Starting in September, sections of the park are scheduled to be closed for much needed renovation. So now is the time to hop aboard the Muni Metro J Church Line to soak up the complete landscape of jugglers, artists, musicians, high wire acts, free love and all things San Francisco before the work begins.

One thought on “Dolores Park Daydream

  1. Well, I suppose Dolores Park is getting a bit rough around the edges with so much use, but looks like it’s working just fine without millions thrown at it for facelift. Take those millions and throw them at the homeless problem. Then celebrate with a party for the formerly homeless in the still shabby, but serviceable Dolores Park.

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