Impressionists at America’s Cup

Impressionists at America's CupAmerica’s Cup is in full swing and it’s also an artist’s gateway to creative expression . Sketch artists and live painters were invited to tap into their genius as San Francisco hosts a premier sailing competition which dates back to 1851.  Cityscape Impressionist Michael Rodman was among 50 artists toting a canvas and easel to a vantage point along Pier 27/29.  It’s all part of Art in the Park — capturing the beauty along the waterfront.  Rodman is used to painting outdoors while speaking to tourists fascinated by his use of color and detail — this time capturing 13-story-tall yachts.

Rodman prefers not to use a paintbrush, but rather a palette knife.  “One of the reasons I use a (palette) knife is it keeps everything loose and free,” he said.  He chose to showcase the AC45 catamarans used in the America’s Cup World Series sailing in the the Red Bull Youth America’s Cup.

“It’s a crazy sport, but I find it interesting,” he said.  Rodman, a sailor himself,  is born and bred here in San Francisco.  He shared with me his deeper legacy to art and international events as he began to outline the true flavor of the racing experience.

By:  Diane Harrigan

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