Long Held Promise to Veterans Nears Reality in San Francisco

HonoringVetsInSanFranciscoIt’s finally going to happen.  San Francisco veterans have waited nearly 80 years for sacred ground outside Civic Center to house a long promised memorial.   But as Veterans Day neared in 2013, the San Francisco Veterans Memorial project announced it is is actively progressing, and posted to its website that,…”we’re planning the dedication for spring 2014.”

The $2 million memorial will sit in the courtyard between the War Memorial Opera House and its twin, the Veterans Building.   The winning design (from the 2011 competition) features a reflecting pool with a monument rising several feet above street level.   Visitors will be able stroll along the center.

No one is bursting with anticipation more than Korean War Veteran Wallace Levin who spoke to me during this year’s San Francisco Veterans Day parade — an event that this year paid special tribute to the 60th anniversary of what has long been labeled, ‘the forgotten war’.

By:  Diane Harrigan

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